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Steel Powder Coating Specialists

Powder coating of steel is a relatively new way of “painting” steel (dating from the 1970s) that has proved to be an absolute boon to those who have a use for anything and everything made out of steel – particularly if it is a decorative or functional item which needs to be coloured while being protected from the elements and wear and tear.

Powder coating is favoured for finishing almost anything made of steel because unlike conventional painting (no matter how many base layers or primers you use) it is tough, corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly and relatively quick. A smooth, flawless powder coated surface finish on steel objects stays looking good for decades, shrugs off dirt and the extremes of heat and cold as well as the effects of water and chemical contamination, and it will stand up well to taking hard knocks.

That’s why powder coating in Swindon is in demand for an almost infinite variety of steel fabricated products, from outdoor furniture, bicycle frames and car parts to fencing, security barriers and architectural detailing.


Steel Powder Coating Process

Applying a powder coating to fabricated steel products is a process that should be carried out by trained, qualified professionals who have the appropriate equipment.

Powder coating is exactly that – a coloured dry powder that contains a variety of ingredients like resins, epoxies and pigments in set proportions, formulated with the characteristics to suit different types of interior or exterior applications.

The powder – in one of a myriad of colour choices – is applied to the correctly prepared steel surface using a spray gun, which when triggered gives an electrostatic charge to the powder particles passing through it. The statically charged powder then wraps itself around the metal object (minimising “overspray” wastage), and when it is cured with heat immediately after spraying it hardens into a smooth, even coating.

Our powder coating is done by experienced technicians who use the latest equipment and can offer our clients a quick, affordable and faultless powder coated finish on steel components, decorative steel products, or fabricated industrial or architectural steel items.


Powder Coating Results in Swindon

We have a reputation for excellent workmanship in all spheres of metal fabrication and finishing in Swindon, including powder coating.

If not carried out expertly with due care and consideration – especially when it comes to surface preparation and factors like cleanliness of the working environment – then a powder coating can easily be of poor quality. For instance, small particles of dust might cause inclusions on the coating, and inexperienced spraying action could result in an uneven coating or areas where there is an unsightly “orange peel” finish effect.

The curing (hardening) process of the powder coating after application must also be skilfully monitored to prevent under curing, which might leave the coating susceptible to chipping away from the substrate.

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