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Anything that is made of steel and is used or intended to be sited outdoors is galvanised to provide it with long-term corrosion protection – and other benefits besides.

Galvanisation is essential for any steel item used in industries like road, rail, energy, agriculture, sports and leisure, water and waste. From steel building frames and bridge girders to gates and balcony railings, all need to be galvanised.

R & P Engineering are a leading metal fabrication company based in Swindon, where we offer a professional steel hot dip galvanising service as one of our most important solutions for clients who rely on our comprehensive concept/design/manufacturing/installation services.

We can arrange steel galvanising for clients in Swindon and along the M4 corridor, including Oxfordshire, Bath and Avon. We can have a galvanised coating applied to a whole array of metal products which we fabricate from steel: decorative, industrial, and architectural items, as well as precision engineered and custom designed objects as appropriate.

Hot Dip Galvanising

The Process

Our Swindon steel galvanising process follows standard practice and meets all stringent Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality procedures.

Before the actual galvanising takes place the steel to be treated is put through a thorough caustic chemical clean to remove all traces of rust, oil or mill scale from the surface.

The rinsed steel is then ready to be coated with zinc by being dipped into a bath of molten zinc, heated to around 450°C (860°F), before being left to cool off in a quench tank. Once cooled the zinc has metallurgically bonded to the steel, providing a durable protective layer against rust and corrosion.

That’s it. No other treatment is necessary and that piece of galvanised steel will last for decades, withstanding all sorts of weather and harsh conditions. A powder-coating can be added if required for aesthetic reasons if you want to add colour to your metal design, but otherwise this quick, cost-efficient galvanising process in Swindon will have resulted in a 85 micron (that’s the average) thick coating that can’t come off and will weather at less than one micron a year.

Galvanising is Environmentally Friendly

We’re delighted to be able to offer a service such as steel galvanising in Swindon, simply because it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of treating metal for durability while retaining the properties that make it re-usable and recyclable.

Galvanising itself ensures that a piece of zinc-coated steel will last for many decades before the base steel is exposed, and even if it is no longer needed for its original purpose during its lifetime, it can still be repurposed and is good enough to be used elsewhere.

Galvanised steel can also be melted down and its dual components – the zinc and steel – can be recycled time and again without losing quality.
R & P Engineering have been making anything out of metal in Swindon since 1992 at our fully-equipped fabrication workshop where we design and produce solutions for a host of applications across all industry sectors.

If you need steel galvanisation or any other metal fabrication service in Swindon, we are happy to help.

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